Preview of MSD School Presentation

Here is a PDF file of our complete MSD SCHOOL, the entire content and teaching format.  This example is our OFFICE ERGONOMICS SCHOOL version.

This PDF is easy for you to preview quickly, but in real-life the employee class is a two-hr training session teaching personal ergonomics skills, self-care of the working & aging musculo-skeletal system. The maufacturing version MSD SCHOOL is similar, but each version and each workplace gets a presentation customized to that workplace/risks.

When client asks if we can shorten the presentation, our answer is a simple courteous “no”. I explain the program used to be 4 hours, but has been heavily re-worked to get it down to 2 hrs. If we reduce it any further, we would be eliminating critical information, which would reduce the effectiveness of the program. And we will not provide programs that are ineffective. Every company has a tough logistical challenge to schedule this training. We understand that. But so far we have had more than 600 workplaces successfully make that happen.

This is a big PDF of a powerpoint presentation so it will take a little while to load… BUT it is so worth the wait!

computer2017 copy

Author: laurendpt

Dr. Physical Therapy, Ortho Specialist, Ergonomics Specialist, founder of IMPACC and the No-Lost-Time MSD Prevention & Ergonomics & Aging Worker programs. Home in Dixfield, ME

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