Work.Injury.Prevention.Practice. PT Seminar!

“Where do I learn how to become a successful MSD prevention consultant to workplaces?” you ask?   We now offer a detailed self-study course on this.

Build a Workplace MSD Prevention & Ergonomics Consulting Practice

Topics summary outline…

>The Physical Therapist in the Workplace: Needs, Opportunities !
>Re-defining the Roles of the Physical Therapist
>Safe haven from today’s hostile healthcare rip-off economy
>Success examples: Lauren’s prevention consulting practice; and others

>Re-defining workplace musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD)
>MSD as a “Nutrient Pathway Disorder”
>Repetitive motion injury… versus… “static posture disorder”
>Pathophysiology and pathomechanics of neck-arm overuse disorders
>Pathophysiology and pathomechanics of low back overuse disorders
>The AGING worker !

>Today’s workplace: emerging changes and unique challenges
>Workplace MSD Ergonomics Risk Factors list
>Ergonomics versus worker behaviors risks
>Non-Ergonomics risks: body mechanics, posture habits, fitness-for-work

>Evaluating the workplace; MSD Ergonomics Risks Assessment protocol
>The 5 “E’s” of MSD Elimination
>Newest (versus outdated) Ergonomics tactics
>The MOST effective MSD prevention strategies
>Socio-political complications of MSD and Worker Comp

>Providing the on-site workplace MSD SCHOOL !
>Modifying this to fit the client: Office Ergonomics; Aging Worker School

>>THE KEY: Effective MARKETING of your services !
>Finding your clients workplaces
>Making the proposal
>Overcoming their objections
>Managing workplace POLITICS

>>YOUR Workplace Consulting Practice: startup & growth success plan

This is a collection of powerpoints, audio files, and supportive documents

chapter 1… The scope of PT opportunities for onsite workplace consulting; our underlying strategies; essential foundational PT approaches

chapter 2… Neck-Arm Overuse MSD pathomechanics, risk factors, prevention tactics; how to build these into a workplace Neck-Arm MSD School.

chapter 3… Low Back MSD pathomechanics, risk factors, prevention tactics; how to build these into a workplace Low Back MSD School.

chapter 4… How to evaluate workplace Ergonomics and MSD risks; develop the MSD prevention plan; teaching companies how to reduce their Worker Comp costs.

chapter 5… The key to a successful consulting practice: MARKETING preventionto client workplaces; negotiating a proposal; finding client workplaces; managing for success.

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**More detailed info & content outline: SelfStudyInfo

**PREVIEW Part One seminar powerpoint..1intro


Lauren teaching an MSD School session at local workplace


Self-study course cost? $200

AND, as a shortcut to success… if you choose to later acquire our prevention consulting practice “kit” containing all my consulting practice tools, we will apply the self-study course cost to reduce the cost of you acquiring that ‘kit’. This allows you to launch your practice by simply copying all of my practice tools and materials. The kit includes all versions of my workplace MSD School powerpoints, lecture scripts, employee handouts on pdf, ergonomics risk assessment tools, all marketing materials and guidelines and use of the web site to allow your client workplaces to preview your (our) prevention program. Using my program allows you to point out its outcomes, extremely valuable in client marketing. Kit normally sells for $600. But now, minus the cost of the self-study course.


EXAMPLE: preview our workplace MSD SCHOOL (Office Ergonomics version)

computer2017 copy



1. WORKPLACE MSD SCHOOL workplace handout…


2.  OFFICE ERGONOMICS  handout manual & summary pg


ComputerSetup2 summary handout



WISHA copy


4. MSD PATHO-PHYSIOLOGY outline,  references-evidence list


4.  E-books for injured workers – patient educ – self care




AND OUR FAVORITE… how to slow-stop-reverse MSK AGING !




Excellent on eccentric exercises for tendinopathy:

Managing LB Pain Risks (2) :
The Next Path for Pain Neuroscience Education

Critical factors re Subacromial Impingement Sx (posture, etc)

Non-surgery Rx for Rotator Cuff Tears:

The APTA self-study The Injured Worker (APTA Ortho Section)

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Dr. Physical Therapy, Ortho Specialist, Ergonomics Specialist, founder of IMPACC and the No-Lost-Time MSD Prevention & Ergonomics & Aging Worker programs. Home in Dixfield, ME

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